PHOTO OF THE DAY: Meet Charles.

Meet Charles part 2.
Meet Charles. Taken June 26 2012 in Philadelphia, PA.

After coming across Charlie the Mack Daddy earlier that day, Charles was a breath of fresh air.

He actually stopped me on Chelten Avenue as I was making my way back to Greene Street.  I was carrying my camera, so he asked me if I was a photographer.  I told him yes, and he then asked me if I could take his photo.

Of course, I replied.

But before I fired off any shots, I wanted to talk to him, see where his head was.

Fortunately for me, he wasn’t trying to spit game.  He had pleasant conversation for me, and we talked for 15-20 minutes before he had to go back to his job with a local charter school in the neighborhood.

We talked about Germantown, the state of the black community, the mindset of black men, his faith (he’s Muslim), relationships, etc.  Our conversation ran the gamut of topics that are typically discussed on the street.

It’s always nice when people in my hood invite me to take their photos because they become a part of what is shaping up to be a pretty compelling body of work.


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  1. I think your community sounds more ‘open’ than mine. People seem far to busy with their lives to stop and talk. Having said that, when I’m out and about with my camera, perhaps in more lonely spots people are always happy to stop and spend a few minutes chewing the cud.

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