PHOTO OF THE DAY: All Business.

All Business.
All Business. Taken June 28, 2012 in Philadelphia, PA.

I’ve seen this man around Germantown and Mt. Airy since I began shooting on the streets in Philadelphia.

I was totally surprised when he asked me to take his photo one afternoon. I was sitting outside the library, talking on the phone with my bestie and cleaning off my camera lens.

Talk about awkward.

But I was gonna get the shot.  He stood up and struck this pose.

Now, let me set the stage from you.

Before all of this transpired, I walked up on him begging for cigarettes from passersby and shouting random stuff to anyone who walked by.

So the irony of this image was not lost on me.  He looks like a man who has it all together.  But in reality, he probably has a lot of issues.

But that’s okay. It’s not my job to diagnose or assess. My job is to capture life in Germantown, exactly how it is. You be the judge.


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