One More Thing….. Saturday = Photowalk Germantown!!

Heads Down, Single File Line. Taken August 28 2012 in Philadelphia, PA

Sorry for all of the posts today, but there’s a lot happening and I want to make sure I keep you all informed.  It also helps me keep things straight in my mind….

But here’s a final reminder about Photowalk Germantown II on Saturday, September 8th, starting at 9am.  That’s THIS SATURDAY!!!! If you are local or within driving distance, i.e., north or south Jersey, Delaware, NYC, etc., I would love for you to join us and support the efforts of the Germantown Artist Roundtable.  I’ll probably have on my headwrap so you’ll be able to find me.

Here’s an updated flyer if you need more information (it’s a pdf file):  GTownPhotoWalk_2_

Peace and blessings (and thanks as always for your support),


PS – Also don’t forget that on September 15th, the Germantown Artist Rountable and others will be sponsoring an outdoor slideshow of all of the images from Satuday’s photowalk and the one held in June.  There will be food, music and lots of fun.  Come out and show your support.

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