“There’s No Racism in America” – Opens This Saturday at 6pm!

“I had known poverty firsthand, but there I learned how to fight its evil—along with the evil of racism—with a camera.” ~~ Gordon Parks 

I’m excited to have a piece in this show to show solidarity with a bunch of other artists who are taking a visible stand against racism and the foolish antics that have characterized this wacked out election cycle.  I chose “Iron Grip” because it symbolizes how much is at stake if we as a country continue to go down the road we’re going.  Children, families, public services, urban spaces, all will be harmed by the policies put forth by Democrats and Republicans!    I’m tired of the flim flam from both sides of the aisle and in a very small way, I’m glad to be part of something that shows that we’re not fooled by the outright lies.

The show opens Saturday at 6pm and runs through the 27th.  Go to http://imperfectgallery.com for more information.

Peace and blessings,


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  1. Well done!
    I’m fortunate enough not to have to listen to your (USA) presidential election shenanigans , though it’s true we will all have to deal with the consequences.
    I hope the show goes well for you and the organisers.
    Maybe, one day in the future, people will be able to simply exhibit their work without any cause whatsoever – just to say, ‘hey this is me, this is my work, this is what I have to say’. perhaps one day the world will be truly inclusive and not exclusive.

    1. Hi Stephen, consider yourself lucky. I myself don’t own a television, so I’m not assaulted by the attack ads as much as others are. But I do listen to the radio and use the Internet and after a point it can get pretty depressing. But I agree with you, the day that artists can show their work without having to do it for a cause will be a great day indeed. Until then, we have to keep fighting and keep pushing against the negative tide that sometimes seems insurmountable. T.

  2. Amarie says:

    Sounds like an awesome project, sis! I can’t even keep up with what’s going on with this election and, sad to say, I’m not moved, either way. But I applaud what folks like you are doing to make your thoughts and opinions felt AND heard.

  3. silver price says:

    With all the rhetoric from people like Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters—and even Nancy Pelosi—claiming everyone in the Tea Party is a racist, I think it’s time we examine the true beginnings of racism in America.

    1. I agree, silver price. Let’s do that. And if you’re suggesting that racism began with the likes of Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, please post up some evidence and I’ll be happy and willing to discuss your premise.

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