PLEASE READ: Philly Film Maker Seeks Subject for GMO Documentary Project.

Hi friends!

Since I moved to Philadelphia nearly two years ago, I have crossed paths with a number of creatives across many genres who are creating art for social change.  Zofia Hausman of Neviah Films is one of them.  Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to meet Zofia and to view a trailer of “The Agtivists,” a documentary on genetically modified foods that she and her colleagues produced.  (The trailer got me to thinking more critically about what I eat and where I spend my food dollars – powerful stuff!!!)

Please read the below information and if you are compelled to help, know someone who may be that subject that Zofia is looking for, or wish to share this info with your social networks, please do so with my sincere thanks!  T.

More than 70% of processed foods in American supermarkets now contain genetically modified foods (GMOs). Recent scientific research into the health risks of GMOs has raised serious implications for the welfare of society.

Zofia Hausman, a documentary film maker based in Philadelphia, is looking for a mother who is unaware/confused/scared/curious about genetically modified food and is thinking about changing her eating habits, the groceries she buys for the family and any meals she cooks for them.

Zofia, along with a certified health coach, would like to help the mother switch to a GMO free diet with little change to the family’s budget. The family would need to be prepared to have Zofia document them on camera in their kitchen and places where they eat, be it at home or outside the home for around 3 months, beginning November 2012.

The documentation would feature as the main story line in a film about genetically modified food and 4 American pioneers who are fighting to change the food system. The goal is to inspire the audience to take action and make changes to their own eating habits by showing the journey of this family’s move to a GMO free diet.

The ideal fit would be a family, with at least one child under the age of 17, on a low income and within the Greater Philadelphia area.

If you are interested or would like to know more, please contact Zofia Hausman, the director, by email or by phone on 610 608 0161.

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