PHOTO OF THE DAY: Gratuitous Pay Phone Shot, NYC.

Taken August 14, 2010 in NYC.
Taken August 14, 2010 in NYC.

I made this photograph in NYC.  I don’t know what motivated me to take the photo, but I do remember where I was and what I was doing when I did:  I was walking around lower Manhattan with friends who were visiting from out of town and we were in the vicinity of Ground Zero.

I found it recently in my files.  When I looked at this image, I was struck by the fact that despite the trash, these pay phones were amazingly intact, but that there was a “no dial tone” sticker plastered across the receiver on the phone booth to the left.

Make of it what you will.



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  1. markadyson says:

    I like. May I use this for the first article of 2013 for my blog?

    Sent from my Galaxy S®III

    1. Hi Mark, that sounds good! Let me know if you want to link to the image or if you want me to send you an image file. Best, Tieshka

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