VIDEO: Re-Imagining The Commons (Next City).

This short video is about Next City’s Storefront for Urban Innovation.  (The footage was captured at the Storefront’s old location at 2816 West Girard. It has since moved to its new location at 2711 West Girard in the Brewerytown section of north Philly.)

A Philadelphia-based nonprofit organization, Next City is dedicated to exploring urban issues and is living its mission by turning its headquarters into a local learning laboratory, art gallery, and hot spot for boundary-crossing conversation.

In an age of ever-expanding virtual experience, it’s never been more crucial to be intentional about cultivating vibrant public spaces. Even Next City, a nonprofit organization most widely known for its online coverage of urban issues all over the globe, recognizes the irreplaceable power of the local gathering, which is why they’ve turned their office into a modern commons.

In 2012, Next City was one of the winners of TED’s The City 2.0 prize, a $10,000 grant for the Storefront for Urban Innovation.  You can read more about it here.

A portion of the TED funding to Next City helped to underwrite my Portraits of Brewerytown project, which was on display at the Storefront from January 11 through February 16, 2013.  I, and some of the images from the project, appear in the above video, at about the one-minute mark.

What’s really exciting to note is that there will be a screening of this video at the TED conference.  How cool is that??

Many thanks to TED The City 2.0, Diana Lind and the terrific team at Next City, and the Brewerytown community for its support of the Portraits of Brewerytown project and for creating a space for fostering meaningful and inclusive dialogue about the future of cities and urban neighborhoods.

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