RECAP: “Interconnection: The Art of Social Change”

It was a cold, crisp and windy evening yesterday, but beautiful art in an amazing venue, a great turnout and thought-provoking words from a prolific and well-respected artist/activist made Interconnection: The Art of Social Change the place to be, at least for me and over 50 other people who braved the elements to celebrate the power of the arts  to bring people together and inspire us all to do what we can to make a better community for everyone.

Interconnection was a one-day art exhibit on March 4, 2013 sponsored by the nonprofit group Networks for Training and Development, Inc. and held at the Asian Arts Initiative in Philadelphia, PA.  Their respective missions follow:

Networks has been dedicated to promoting inclusive communities through quality training, consultation, and practice for individuals with disabilities, families, businesses, and neighborhoods.

Asian Arts Initiative is a community-based arts center in Philadelphia that engages artists and everyday people to create art that explores the diverse experiences of Asian Americans, addresses our social context, and  imagines and effects positive community change.We are working toward a just and joyous world where all people, regardless of their racial and class backgrounds, are able to view and create art that reflects their lives and concerns.

The idea behind this art exhibit was simple:  Bring together both artists of all levels and art enthusiasts to explore art as a vehicle for social change.

NYC artist and activist Beth Mount spoke to the audience about three of her storytelling quilts on display.  If you don’t know who this amazing woman is, google her.  She’s awesome and a joy to speak to!

In addition to Beth Mount’s stunning quilts, the exhibit included two of my photos along with the work by the following artists:

Claudine Luchsinger  |  Girija Kaimal  |  Dhanashree Gadiyar

David Neisser  |  Shikeith  |  Tara Johnson

Patrick Hay  |  Shawn Beeks  |  Robert Bullock

Kevin Koeth  |  Adean Stone  |  Thaddeus Lutz

Facetival (Monica Acosta, German Acosta, Carmen Acosta and Zeny Acosta)

Here is a gallery of photos that I took of the event. Click on any one of them to access the complete slideshow.

I look forward to Networks for Training and Development, Inc. producing more art-related events like this in the near future.

I believe the future of the arts depends on more cross-collaborative efforts between artists and community-based non-profit organizations like Networks… getting art out of galleries and museums and into inclusive, safe, non-threatening and non-judgmental community spaces, making art accessible for all people.

Peace and blessings,


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