PHOTO: Sista Girl Kept It Classy.

I made this image yesterday in West Philly and originally posted it over on my Instagram. 

She eyed me from across the street and made her way over to the bus stop where I was standing.

She spoke; I returned her greeting.  I snapped this photo, and then turned away to continue people watching.

She then asked me for a dollar.  Said she was hungry, that she hadn’t had a meal in a while (hmmm okay), and that she wanted to grab a hamburger for two bucks.

Okay, I said to her.

I fished around in my bag until I pulled out a dollar and handed it to her.  I mean, it was the least I could do, since I took her photo.

She can’t be too bad, I thought.  Boy, I was WRONG.

She then crossed the street and tried to get some matching funds, with no success.  She then returned to the bus stop, where we waited quietly until the bus arrived.

I got on, another man got on behind me, and then she boarded the bus.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

Obviously she didn’t have her bus fare. She asked if anyone could help her out with two dollars or a token.

No one responded.  The bus driver then asked her to get off the bus.

She began shouting and screaming and cussing and yelling for him to get out of her face, and that she would leave when she got good and ready.


This is where it got funny.  The bus driver didn’t get upset, or yell or cuss.  He told her that he loved her too and began blowing kisses at her, telling her to have a wonderful day.

She finally got off the bus, but with a flourish.

She hocked a lougie at the bus. Yes, that’s the way to keep it classy.


That was the highlight of my day yesterday.

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