From G-Town to Chi-Town!

10849206_10205471023080229_505434874_oI’m excited to share that I have been invited by the Oak Park Public Library’s Art in the Library program and the Oak Park Area Arts Council to exhibit some of my northwest Philadelphia work from mid-January through February, 2015. This will be the first time that I’ve exhibited outside the East Coast, and I’m thrilled!!

Dates to remember:

1. The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign started on December 8th and ends on January 23rd.  I would appreciate any support that you can provide.

2. I will arrive in Chicago on January 15th and will be in town through the end of February.  To all my Chicagoland family and friends, I’m hoping we can reconnect and catch up while I’m there.

3. The photography show opens January 19th and runs through February 28th.  The show will be a look back at work I’ve done from 2011-2014, with a particular focus on children.  The working title will be:  “We Can Learn How to Love Like They Do.” Despite the horrible instances of police brutality; the drastic and often times draconian cuts to urban public education; gun violence; and other atrocities that are exacted on communities of color, children and young people show such resilience and optimism; I believe we can learn from them.

For more information:


Peace and blessings,



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