Let’s Meet Up on Saturday, March 7th at Champagne’s in Germantown!

Hey everyone,

I know two mothers who have been dligently fundraising to send their daughters to South Africa as part of a school sponsored exchange program.  I haven’t seen anyone work as hard as they have been working to make this happen.

On March 7th, they will be hosting a fish fry at Champagne’s in Germantown, Philadelphia to raise money to go toward the proceeds.  Since I will be back in Philly by then, I wanted to give you a few reasons why you should come out on the 7th!

1. I’m ready for some face-to-face interaction!

I love our online community, and I love the fact that we can all connect via this blog.  Here’s the thing: I’ve never met some of you in person, and I think that community really happens when we put faces to names. Let’s come together and connect!

2. We will be supporting a Germantown establishment.

Champagne’s has been here for years and I wonder how many of you have gone there for a bite to eat or a drink. Let’s come out in full force to support our local businesses.

3. We will be supporting two Northwest Philly mothers and their daughters who contribute so much to our community!

4. Our actions show love and support for two of our children – and that’s important. They need to know that we care for and want the very best for them.

5. AND, we can all reconnect and chat about the great time I had in Chi-Town over the past 6 weeks!

So… will you join me? I hope so!

There’s not much time, so get your tickets for this event via Eventbrite, because advance tickets sales are always so helpful.  But if you must keep us in suspense, you can buy your ticket at the door.  Champagne’s is located at 21 East Chelten Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19144.

And you can also make a donation or get more information about the efforts to send Ishara and Brooke to South Africa next month through their crowdfunding site at http://gofundme.com/saexchange

Thanks so much!

Peace and blessings,


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