Tamara Woods
Cheyenne Barboza
Adrianna Branin
Rachel O’Hanlon-Rodriguez
Nastassja Baset.
TS Hawkins
TS Hawkins


Written by TS Hawkins (
Direction:  Sarah Mitteldorf
Performance and Choreographed by Rachel O’Hanlon-Rodriguez, Cheyenne Barboza, Nastassja Baset, TS Hawkins, Tamara Woods & Adrianna Branin
Photographed by Tieshka Smith, May 19, 2015

About #RM2B: Do we give ourselves room to be ourselves? Or do we allow societal structures to solely shape how we navigate and exist in the world today? Using W.E.B DuBois work as a template, these six women explore how the concepts of “to be the problem” and “to live in privilege” collide, survive and thrive physically and linguistically in everyday life.

#RM2B was performed at the Souls of Black Folks Bridal Salon program at the Painted Bride Art Center on Tuesday, May 19th.  TS took one of the still photos I shot, by overlaying text from #RM2B on it, creating a very clean yet impactful marketing and promotion piece that both of can use.

This is what creative collaboration looks like.

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  1. Sam says:

    🙂 Amazing collaboration!!!

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