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We are coming back to you this week on #VoicesForRacialHealing with not one but TWO episodes!  As always, you are welcome to call in at (516) 387-1796 or just listen online.



Melissa Holman of @EverydayPhilly and @Igers_Philly fame comes BACK this Friday to chat with me about the latest in Trump high drama:  The abrupt resignation of Michael Flynn, national security adviser (The Washington Post published a piece today entitled “The Flynn Crisis Paralyzes the White House“); Growing frustration among the elite GOP establishment players about what’s happening; and, more. Among other things, we’ll opine on why his missteps may be a blessing in disguise for social justice movements.  You won’t want to miss this episode, so please join us.



Filmmakers Tim Viola (Twitter/IG: @tviola) and Kris Mendoza (Twitter:  @krismendozzzaaa; IG: @maestrofilmworks) chat with host Tieshka Smith about “Americano,” an exciting and very timely new film project slated for production right here in the city of Philadelphia.  Americano is about a Syrian refugee who desperately chases US citizenship only to have it ripped away by a corrupt statesman, but not before inspiring the beginnings of a resistance. 

Conceived well before Trump came on the political scene, Americano tackles the preconceived notions that we have about Muslim immigrants, turning them on their head.  It asks viewers to consider this fundamental question:  What if the patriot we need right now, isn’t a citizen?

We’ll talk about this exciting new project, why Philadelphia is the perfect setting for it, why we need a film like this right now, and the ways in which the community can get involved.  

Check out Americano on the web:   

  • Website:
  • Facebook:
  • IG:  @americanofilm

ABOUT AMERICANO:  Americano is a short, independent film written and directed by Tim Viola. Inspired by the hope and sacrifice of the American dream, Viola wanted to capture what the true core of this idea is and to remind Americans of the promise that lies in every individual. Viola teamed with award-winning filmmaker Kris Mendoza and Guillermo Cameo as Director of Photography. Cameo’s projects have been featured all over the world. The cast includes Adam Budron, Rick Schnieder, Melody Vargas, and Esin Varan.

We’re excited to be bringing this special episode to you this Saturday so we invite you to join us!

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