Seeking Your Photo Submissions for the “Boundaries.Battlegrounds.Blessings” Neighborhood Photo Project!


“Boundaries.Battlegrounds.Blessings: A Neighborhood Photo Album (2017)”

Displacement and gentrification are not fixed, one-time events in a community’s evolution. We associate these phenomena with a series of visible “flash points” – think, new residential and commercial development projects, infrastructure repairs, cafés, doggie parks – resulting from years of hidden planning and decision making by a handful of actors behind the scenes. Depending on who’s looking, these “flash points” can either challenge a neighborhood’s existing identity or offer a reason for celebration.


Boundaries, Battlegrounds, Blessings: A Neighborhood Photo Album is a participatory project by photographer and community activist Tieshka K. Smith that seeks to examine these tensions between old and new, while unearthing the ways in which stakeholders cope with these changes. This project is part of the larger citywide art and civic engagement project entitled Philadelphia Assembled. Learn more about it at


To enhance this Neighborhood Photo Album, we invite members of the community (I’m looking at you, fellow shooters and enthusiasts) to submit photographs that represent the “Boundaries”, “Battlegrounds”, and “Blessings” in their neighborhood.  Please send digital files to with “B3 photo submission” in the subject line. For prints, please drop off on site (1335 N 4th Street, at the Tillmon Community Garden) during Saturday open hours (12-5pm, June 10, July 1, July 8, July 15).  We will be accepting photo submissions through July 15, 2017.


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