News Is Good.

Below is a chronology of press and other news about my work that has either appeared online or in print.  Click the dates to link to the source.  Thanks for your continued support. 

May 14, 2011:  Photo Selected to Accompany Jersey Journal story about Project Greenville group exhibit.

May 11, 2011:  Five Photos Selected As Part of Project Greenville Group Exhibit.

June 2, 2011:  Photo Printed in Philadelphia City Paper.

November 23, 2011:  Photo, “Women Are Not Property,” selected by Picture Philly blog.

November 21, 2011:  Included in Amazing Women of Occupy Philly photo essay.

December 2, 2011:  Photo, “Xmas Transformation” accompanies Jersey Journal story about Project Greenville exhibit.

January 4, 2012:  Photo, “Dunk the Duck,” appears on Picture Philly blog.

February 28, 2012:  “Tieshka Smith Captures the Truth” is a piece written by writer Tamara Anderson as part of her “Celebrity Next Door” series.

March 30, 2012:  Photo, “Grumpy,” appears on Picture Philly blog.


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