Artist Statement.

Taken June 16, 2012 in Philadelphia, PA.

Tieshka K. Smith is a Philadelphia-based photographer, blogger, community activist and podcaster (Voices for Racial Healing, Taking My Stake Out of the Ground). She is a #PHLAssembled collaborating artist. For nearly 7 years, her photographs have been featured online, in print, and in galleries and other community spaces on the East Coast and in the Midwest. Her work investigates racial and civic identity formation, how memories and values are shaped, and the impact that marginalization of people and ideas has on changing neighborhoods. It is her goal as an artist and cultural worker to facilitate dialogue and radical action around a range of socioeconomic issues that impact everyday people living in urban communities. She utilizes as many tools at her disposal to challenge and disrupt the status quo.


7 thoughts on “Artist Statement.

  1. G-day Tieshka
    I love how you can so beautifully and skillfully capture that one moment in time and share it with us so we can share this moment with you….

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