I created this page to shout out all the blogs and websites I follow on a regular basis…. thank you for making my day on the daily!  I will be updating this page regularly so visit it often.

I also created it because I didn’t want to shove these links off into a sidebar no one would ever notice.  That’s not cool.

As you can see, it’s a mishmash of stuff, some of which makes me laugh and appeals to my twisted sense of humor, while some of which inspires my own work and general outlook on life.


My page on About.Me
My portfolio
Stephen Terry Photography
A Diva’s Reel
AG Photography
Diva Amor’e Online Fashion Boutique
Tony Armstrong Photos
Tom Powers Jazz House
Old House Channel Radio
Eric Kim Street Photography
New York Street Photography by Matt Weber
Street Photographers: The Art of Street Photography.
Light and Composition Magazine
B.C. Lorio Images
Jewelry, Art, Accessories by Imani Aisha
Blaq Athena: Helper of Heroes
Amber Lisa’s Literary Boutique and Spa!

Relationships/Politics/Current Events/Self-Improvement/Funny Shit

Ask Mr. LoverMan
Cheap Coffee, Cigarettes and Jazz
Curvy Goddess Lounge
Planet Waves
Shaggieshapiro says…All you do is whine and complain…
The Billanthrope
Give My Word

I’m also on Tumblr so you can check out my blog there and see what kinds of blogs I follow as well.

Happy Internet surfing!


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