April 7, 2011 – Skateboarder Sighting, (Near) Love Park.

Love Park
Image by NiteLynx via Flickr

So, last week, while I was down at Love Park in Center City, I had my eyes open, hoping I’d get a glimpse of some renegade skateboarders. Despite its reputation for being a celebrated venue for street skateboarding, the City of Philadelphia officially forbids skateboarding in Love Park,  and will levy hefty fines up to $300.00 and take your skateboard if you’re caught.   Wow.  Kinda heavy to me.

From the Free Love Park website: 

LOVE Park is a celebrated venue for Street Skateboarding, a popular form of the sport that uses natural urban features, rather than manufactured ramps. Because of LOVE Park, Philadelphia was home to some of the world’s top skateboarding professionals, and was the centerpiece of ESPN’s X Games, making Philadelphia the only city to hold the Games twice in a row.

Well, since I didn’t luck out and catch any rebellious types, I left the park, and walked away from City Hall and took some photos. I looped back around and started walked back to 11th or 12th Street (I can’t remember) to catch the 23 bus back home. Walking up Arch Street, I ran into these young men, on their skateboards, across the street from Love Park. They gave me the side eye at first, but once they realized I was taking pictures, they called themselves egging me on, saying, “Take our pictures, take our pictures!”

Duh, I already did!  LOL!!!

Anyway, I’m glad I got my images, and I definitely will be back once this weather makes up its mind.  Enjoy the photos.

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