Photo of the Day: Meet Kelli.

Taken July 25, 2011 in Philadelphia, PA

Kelli is a gregarious, chatty young lady whom I had the pleasure of photographing as part of my Portraits of Philadelphia: Camera Therapy project.  I met her, maybe a month or so ago, at the library where I go for the free wi-fi and the pretty decent book/movie selection.  She asked me about my lip piercing, specifically, if it hurt as much as people say they do.  After some small talk, she was gone….

I noticed her a couple weeks later walking down Germantown Avenue and I made a mental note to ask her to allow me to photograph her if I saw her again at the library.  I was delighted to see her again a few days later, at the library, where she breezed in again just like she breezed out before.

When I asked if I could photograph her, she did the typical woman thing and fretted that she may not have been “photo-ready.” In  the meantime, we made small talk and I found out that she is a writer, poet, dancer and highly perceptive soul.  That seemed to put her mind at ease and made it easy for me to get her to relax.

I hope she realizes her dreams and I am glad that she allowed me to capture her image.


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