All Roads Lead Back to Obama? Al Sharpton counters Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally – New York Political Buzz |

Al Sharpton counters Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally – New York Political Buzz |

I came across this article in my search for commentary on the National Action Network‘s “Reclaim the Dream” rally held yesterday in Washington, D.C.  I watched for a little while, but to be honest, my brain was a tiny bit fried after watching the mind-numbing “Restoring Honor” rally yesterday morning. Sue me.

Anyway, as I was reading this piece, I was wondering, where is this guy going with this?  And I’ll have to admit…it was really not what I expected.  But that’s to be expected.  You spend enough time scouring cyberspace, and more specifically, the blogosphere for some measure of objectivity, you will start to feel like a dehydrated wanderer in the desert, searching for a cool and refreshing drink of water and some shade.

Anyway, I digress.  I think Mr. Vega makes some legitimate points in his post,and it’s clear that he is right-leaning.  There’s nothing wrong with celebrating the contributions and sacrifices made by our troops.  I have family who served in the military.  But I have a question.  If this was the case, why didn’t Beck opt to hold the rally on Veterans Day or Memorial Day for that matter?  There’s a Veterans Memorial in Washington. Why did he feel the need to tie all of it to MLK and his “I Have a Dream” speech?  I’m sure Beck could have tied his rally to speeches made about the valor displayed by our men and women in uniform.

Would have made more sense to me.  I dunno…. *shrugs*

My second, and more pressing question, is this:  What does Barack Obama have to do with any of this?  He was nowhere to be found Saturday.  If Beck’s rally was about restoring honor, reclaiming the American dream, celebrating the troops, etc., and Rev. Al’s rally was about outlining where America fell short in realizing the vision outlined by King, then what does President Obama have to do with any of this?  He didn’t tell them to duke it out yesterday.  This fight is between two guys with differing points of view, neither of which, in my opinion, is going to get us any closer to fixing all what ails us right now.

I can understand someone’s criticism with Al Sharpton, or Glenn Beck for that matter.  But let’s be honest, here, Glenn Beck started all of this back and forth with 2009 comments about Obama being a racist and hating white culture, and ever since then, he and his minions will just not let it go. 

Beck and the Tea Party, and Republicans, in general, say they are for one thing, but their actions point to a very different agenda.  For people like me, I just can’t get with that. A word of advice, for the sake of balanced reporting, leave Obama out of it if he doesn’t have anything to do with it. Stop scapegoating.

Anyway I just have one more tiny request:  Someone please explain to me what the heck is going on.  I’m sure I won’t get a response from Mr. Vega.

With that said, I will resume my search for balanced commentary on the NAN rally. 

Back to your regularly scheduled program….

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